Friday, May 29, 2009

took the midnight train...

At-home-Fridays are always nice... the roommates are usually out and about, and I get to bake in relative peace.

So, after coming across another Jam Thumbprint Cookie recipe from EvilShenanigans, and seeing the recipe be similar to the Boysenberry Cream Cookies I've made many times in the past... I decided to try it out and see the difference! (Plus I was in luck. I still had cream cheese in the fridge).

I doubled the recipe since these cookies are in high-demand at work.
8oz ( 1 package) Cream Cheese (or neufachatel, as I used)
1C unsalted butter
1C powdered sugar
2 Egg Yolks
2-1/2C AP Flour
Yielded approx 32 cookies

The most distinct difference is the LOOK of the cookie. STILL SO DELISH! But not as pretty. The cookie isn't as smooth-looking. And only the bottom of the cookie will turn golden. While baking, it doesn't spread much either.
Taste-wise... as far as I can recall... this recipe isn't quite as sweet. I definitely relied on the jam to bring out a bit of sweetness.

IN COMPARISON, Kelly's (evilshenanigans) cookies don't look quite so... bumpy, lumpy and looking like a battlefield.

I guess I have issues. Her cookies look nice and rounded and smooth... with a nice tidy little pool of jam. Check out her pics, then come back to feel sorry for me.

I've been meaning to try this way of filling these cookies... it's a bit of an over-kill. But did make it easier and neater than using a teaspoon. Oh, messy me.

The jam seemed to run down and seep into the edges of the "thumbprint". Must be due to the bumpy dough surface?

What the center looks like... I've tried to bake these longer to see if it baked "completely"... and...

a darker bottom, with not much more "doneness" inside. HMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Reeni♥ said...

They look delicious to me. I like them a wee bit undercooked. And the jam in the nooks and crannies is divine!

Anonymous said...

still looks great to eat. makes me hungry at work :(

Kelly @ EvilShenanigans said...

When you make them again, roll them between your palms till the dough is very smooth. Also, create a deeper hole for the filling to sit in. I hope those tips help. Also, you should use the full fat cream cheese. The fat helps the cookies stay supple. Thanks!!