Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Fat Day

Thanks to my lame ankles I haven't gone jogging in about 2 weeks now.
And gradually I am eating like crap again.

Cookies have started to sneak into my tummy ever since I made them...
but by far, today is the worst since my whole health kick began.

Started like usual with a nonfat yogurt with sliced strawberries and almonds.
For lunch, I planned to just have a small bowl of leftover brown rice and grilled chicken and veggies from FlameBroiler.
BUT I was still hungry, and when half a bean and cheese burrito was offered to me, I took it and INHALED it.
Then I had an orange.
Couple hours later, a chocolate chip cookie.
I was given a torta since a co-worker forgot to take it with him when he left work and insisted I should try it. So that was dinner.

It (barely) survived the trip home in a non-descript brown baggie... a quick reheat in the microwave and ta-da. It was definitely a knife-and-forker for me. I can only assume it is better fresh. Not several hours old and soggy. So I must say... I was not all that impressed.

And then to top off the insanely unhealthy day, I had... *gasp* a SODA. Oh coke zero... I missed you. I see you and your buddies tucked away in the back of the fridge everyday...

So with that... I fully intend to watch more carefully what I shovel into my mouth. and for gods sake to show some friggin restraint when it comes to cookies!


Reeni♥ said...

We all have those days!! And it's o.k once in a while!

Simply Me said...

diiito to the comment above or below wherever the heck this goes. We walk around on our off days more then enough to make up for it :)