Monday, May 18, 2009

The end of all ends

GuacaMOLE! Finally made some with the 1.5 ripe avocados. So easy! I followed this recipe... more or less. It was yummy... I almost ate it all for dinner.

I should be having more time this week to do at-home cooking... hopefully!
This past week has been crazy busy (for some reason)... but it ended in a flourish on Sunday (my one day off this week)!

patchwork #3. First time I've heard about it, and it was so worth the major sunburns.
A chickiepoo I used to be in art class with was vendor-ing there... so I had to stop by! I ordered two lace totes from her... DARLING STUFF!
Check her out etsy shop! bybelinda

Annoyingly, but not surprisingly, I ran short on cash. So I mainly had to purchase from vendors that took credit card.
The damage:
Bungalow360 - 1 fabric tote bag (reversible!)

Free: Yelp pin and chapstick (passionfruit... yum!) - attached to my other Bungalow360 tote

2 Rings from ohhellofriend

Ring from someone, I forget.

Ring from MyFriendRoze

Fabric Coasters by Lucky Find Designs (machine washable!)

Can't wait 'til patchwork #4... in November!!!


Reeni♥ said...

Yum!! Delicious quacamole! And great loot!

Anna said...

love the bag! and jewelry! and coasters! i want to come over and have a drink and use a coaster. you must tell me when the next one is.