Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just one mango...

A friend gave me a mango... a FREE mango... and I made a cheesecake that cost more than "free" simply to use up said mango.

With that attitude... my cheesecake came out "okay".

Mango Creamsicle Swirl Cheesecake

I didn't have my blender to puree the mango... so I did it by hand... mmmm not so much fun.

I tweaked the crust to be crumbled vanilla wafers (Nilla Wafers) instead of graham crackers.

Bake time extended an extra 20 minutes (I'm still not sure if that was enough, but the top DID set.)

I'm apparently not good at this swirling technique... I'll work on that, promise.

I made this last night, and un-molded it this morning.
So, finally, some non-florescent picture lighting. I forgot to use my pretty cake stand though. Sad.

Tasted pretty good, I guess. Since I used Neufchatel instead of cream cheese, it is definitely less tangy than a "normal" cheesecake. I think I like it better.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I do I do! (selected cheeses however)

I'm a BIG fan of smoked gouda...

and ALWAYS Sharp Cheddar...

melted mozzarella is to die for...

and who doesn't love a smorgasbord of mixed cheeses in ANYTHING?

So, I had a Smoked Gouda and Mushroom Omelet egg-crepe thing for dinner...

followed shortly after with chunks of cheddar. YUM.

How bad would it be if I had another omelet? (pity I already washed the dishes)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Boysenberry Cream Cookies

FINALLY... my take on the Strawberry Cream Cookies I had mentioned making a while back...

I used Boysenberry Jam instead.

The dough was pretty easy and simple to make.

I baked it longer than the recipe said... about 15 minutes, until the edges turned a light golden brown.

They jam didn't turn out like the original picture looks... but oh well..

And again, baking in the evening sucks for taking nice pictures.

Still got nothing...

So, I haven't baked anything in a while... and my excuse is that I've run out of butter and have been too lazy to go buy more. Tomorrow! I promise.

On a slightly more positive note, I was able to take some pictures in NATURAL LIGHT!
Its been a while since I've been in the kitchen during the day to do anything but grab something from the fridge and GO.

So... meet my basil plant. Still alive. But still small. :(

It looks pretty happy in the sunlight.

I LOVE MEATLOAF. (I should make some for myself some day... any simple recipes anyone?)
While I ADORE the meatloaf you can get from Costco... I never fail to order the Meatloaf Stack from Memphis Cafe/Bar in Costa Mesa:
southern meatloaf stack angus beef, sharp cheddar, mashed potatoes, haricot vert, red wine gravy

Here are the DELICIOUS leftovers I had this afternoon, which after inhaling I promptly fell into a deep nap. All in all, a fabulous Sunday...

Friday, March 6, 2009

what am i supposed to eat?!

Look. I live alone (basically). I shop for myself. I cook for myself. I don't need to have rotted once-fresh produce to remind me that I have only me to cook for. Hence the freezer full of frozen foods and a pantry full of instant/canned goods.

I eat curry from a pouch.

I drank a milkshake for dinner tonight.
And... I'm happy. (maybe?)

Now, do I invest in a bigger and better bed? Or buy that Kitchenaid Mixer I've been saving up for?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Orange Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust

Originally inspired by the yummy goodness of Orange Milanos...
but the orange flavor wasn't as pronounced as I wanted it to be.

Perhaps I should have used some orange juice and/or orange zest.

I followed pretty closely this recipe... Chocolate-Orange Cheesecake
However, I added a touch more Grand Marnier (1/2tbsp.)
and I spread a layer of melted chocolate on the crust.
(Obviously I had omitted the orange zest, and did not dust with cocoa powder.)

I'm still working on getting better at working with chocolate. It's TOUGH!!!

I baked at 325 for approx. 1hr 20min for the round, and 50min for the little tartlets.
Timing was only an estimate... I tested doneness with touch. Dry and springy center.

The tartlets poofed up a little in the over then sunk when cooling. The round didn't poof like the tartlets, and it didn't sink either. (Unless it is going to do so as it continues to cool in the fridge.) I immediately cut around the edges of the pan when I removed the round... not sure if that helped.

Tastes pretty good... I only sampled a tartlet, which isn't much justice to the actual cheesecake since there wasn't much to taste in comparison to the crust.

there's chocolate on my pillow...

and I don't care.

Must've gotten there when I was baking brownies and needed a "break".


i got a new cake stand!!!!! SOOOO loving it! TOTALLY cute. Wish it had a matching dome... but I think that would make it less cute.

And, since I haven't baked anything new yet (tomorrow! I promise!)... I'll just model some ingredients.

I had no idea cream cheese came in these awesome cute little packages! There's been a recipe for Strawberry Cream Cookies that calls for "1 package cream cheese (3oz.)" that I've been meaning to make. But didn't understand how 1 package was 3oz... since typically (as far as I knew at the time) 1 package cream cheese = 8oz block. SO GOODIE! I get to make these cookies without opening (and potentially wasting) an 8oz block of cream cheese.

And since I've been planning to make a cheesecake for a while now... I thought I'd do some "research" for my inspiration of a "self-invented" cheesecake recipe - Orange/Chocolate Milanos.

That should be coming up tomorrow... unless work sucks so bad I would rather die.