Saturday, May 9, 2009

Caution: Hot!

Today I got up early (super early) and went to the farmer's market! Working on Saturdays for the past 2-ish years has made it nearly impossible to visit... sadly. While I don't always pick up any fresh produce, I still enjoy walking amongst vendors and farmers and seeing their goods.

This time around, even though I had to get to work, I made it a mission to go!
Why? Because... of Blackmarket Bakery.

Amazing Chocolate Almond Bread Pudding. MMMMMMMMM!
The warm melty goodness of the caramel in contrast to the light sweetness of rum, and almond, and of course chocolate. Then there is the crunch of a few slivered almonds.
SOOOO GOOD! (The minor burns from the hot ramekin are absolutely worth it.)
I never really bit onto bread pudding until Ila's sweet potato bread pudding from the holidays (which I am still waiting for a recipe on). And ever since... I have been hooked.
If I see it, I will get it. No lie. (Unless there are raisins, then I will mull it over.)

Also, I love to see the buckets of flowers. I'm not a flower person... but they make pretty gifts! (So sad when they wilt and die...)

Getting up early was so worth it today! Got to grab a latte with a bud, and stroll the market together and look at random food things. AND, it wasn't hot! We went before the clouds had cleared for the afternoon... AWESOME.

And to continue this "active/productive" streak... I finally got my "corkboard" up!
Note to self: have a boy hammer nails into walls next time.


Reeni♥ said...

That is the most decadent bread pudding I've ever seen! I would get up early for that, too!

Simply Me said...

OMG I love the boards. Love them. LOVE THEM!!!! :)