Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peanut Butter Torte

What does all this make?

An amazing yum-yum treat!! Again - another AMAZING recipe by Michelle of Brown Eyed Baker.

Notes: Food processor is nice and time-saving in chopping nuts and crushing oreos for the crust. I did it all my hand... not all that much fun.
I used 4 small springform pans instead of 1 large. I had a TON of the mousse left over... I'm thinking of doing some filled chocolate cupcakes with that!
And this is definitely one of those recipes you should read before beginning. I skimmed the directions only and didn't realize this was more of a chill in fridge dessert vs. a bake in oven dessert. Ooops! Oh well. The oven needed a workout anyways.


Bob said...

Those look so good! Heh, I just made a recipe by Brown Eyed Baker the other day.

Cinnamon-Girl said...

These are gorgeous! I bet their absolutely delish! The cupcake idea sounds good too.

Joie de vivre said...

That looks just amazing!

Michelle {Brown Eyed Baker} said...

Your tortes look fantastic! Isn't that filling to-die-for? Now I'm craving it again :)