Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LA Adventures

Headed up to LA for some "errands" - well more like fun times.

Stop #1: Garvey's Nut and Candy
Man, oh man... seriously - I was a kid in a candy store. An insanely LARGE WAREHOUSE candy store that is. Sure the pictures a slightly fuzzy... but that's just about how I looked at everything. I was so overwhelmed at the sight of SO MUCH CANDY. The warehouse also has candy novelty items - clocks, lunch boxes, pillows etc. Oh, and giant Hello Kitty PEZ dispensers.

Stop #2: Paper Mart
While we didn't get the full warehouse experience, it was an aweing experience to just see the size of the operation. Lots of neat paper goods for packaging!


Bob said...

Now that's my kind of candy shop! Heh, I should find one of those giant HK pez things for my girlfriend. She would love it.

Cinnamon-Girl said...

I could spend hours in that candy store!