Monday, March 8, 2010

I made whoopie!

(gross. lol.)

Anyways, I finally used up the last of the PB mousse! I made whoopie pies based off the "New England" recipe. Apparently there are the New England and Amish versions. (Whisk LA has run amuck with more flavors... but any variations for me will have to wait!) So given that this is the first time I've made whoopie pies, I decided to just go with the New England version - it was the first one I read.

I always like reading about the "origins" of the whoopie pie. Go read on Wiki! Whoopie!!

So, the recipe:
New England Whoopie Pie Recipe from What's Cooking America

Really easy recipe - still think shortening is gross - yielded 8 x 3" and 5 x 4" assembled whoopie pies.

I used parchment to line the pans, and didn't grease them... so...
And remove the baked cakes to cool on the rack sooner rather than later - they stick a BIT more to the paper as it cools. They stick to each other as well - I made the mistake of stacking them so the roomie had easier access (i.e. so he would see the stack on the table).
(don't do this)
This came out to be delicious! I don't recommend the mousse as a regular filling, since I think it should stay refrigerated. But definitely any fluffy, able to sit at room temp filling would be awesome for this nice chocolatey yet not overwhelming cake.


Joie de vivre said...

Beautiful and mouthwatering.

Bob said...

Awesome. Somehow I doubt they sat around long enough that refrigeration was a concern. :)

Joie de vivre said...

Thanks for visiting Jenn. I'm TRYING to eat healthy! It doesn't always work, but I was proud of myself yesterday. :)

Cinnamon-Girl said...

These look fabulous! So decadent!

MaryMoh said...

These look like macaroons. They look really delicious. Love the filling. I can just imagine every bite into it...mmmm