Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cupcake Project v1.0

Celebrating my own birthday is never a big to-do... but when it comes to other people's birthdays, mainly for close friends... I go all out (as much as I can) for them. And it also gives me an excuse to express my creativity. Thus, Cupcake Project v1.0:

Multicolored Cupcakes (White Cake + Neon Dye)

Double Chocolate Cupcakes (Devil's Food Cake + Mini Chocolate Chips)

(oopsies... I dropped the pan in the oven while checking, and sunk these poor mini cuppie cakes. And why are the cupcakes coming out all "dimple faced"?? Could be my messy pouring method.)

Cupcakes frosted with Basic Buttercream

And to finish off these yummy treats, I "created" a baroque-y classical style inspired cake/treat stand:


Simply Me said...

A. the cupcakes were amazing
B. Your amazing
C. the tower holder of cupcakes is gorgeous
D. Your amazing

Reeni♥ said...

Your cupcakes are so pretty! And then I saw the tower. How brave! It looks amazing!