Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just one mango...

A friend gave me a mango... a FREE mango... and I made a cheesecake that cost more than "free" simply to use up said mango.

With that attitude... my cheesecake came out "okay".

Mango Creamsicle Swirl Cheesecake

I didn't have my blender to puree the mango... so I did it by hand... mmmm not so much fun.

I tweaked the crust to be crumbled vanilla wafers (Nilla Wafers) instead of graham crackers.

Bake time extended an extra 20 minutes (I'm still not sure if that was enough, but the top DID set.)

I'm apparently not good at this swirling technique... I'll work on that, promise.

I made this last night, and un-molded it this morning.
So, finally, some non-florescent picture lighting. I forgot to use my pretty cake stand though. Sad.

Tasted pretty good, I guess. Since I used Neufchatel instead of cream cheese, it is definitely less tangy than a "normal" cheesecake. I think I like it better.


ila said...

mmmmm looks good! surely i would love some :]

Joie de vivre said...

What we do for free things.

Simply Me said...

it was gooood.... BUT nothing beats real cream cheese.

Sharon said...

OH my, YUMMM!!!