Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Small steps...

Trying to diet the right way... with healthy foods and exercise.

Hence the never before seen plethora of fruits and veggies and all things non-fat in my fridge.
(To be honest, I haven't latched onto veggies too much. Fruits are waaaaay yummier.)

Spinach, Tomato, and Ham Egg Scramble

And as a special treat, a new foodie discovery, Jello Salad (Lime Jello w/ Pineapple Chunks and Cottage Cheese), courtesy of Kate's mom.

It SOUNDS super weird, but it is AMAZING. The creamy chunks of cottage cheese with the sweet pineapple and lime jello... DELISH!


Simply Me said...

hahah OMG I want... I want... mine is in the fridge... I want I want :)
I will be sure to make you some alllll summer :)

Simply Me said...

ps. I just told my mom her jello salad was famous on the interwebs... I told her to be prepared for a mass cult following.