Thursday, August 28, 2008

the F.V.

I've been seeing/hearing about some new stores (new to me anyways) and I must say my curiosity is piqued.

The truck drove in front of my on my way to work...
the logo for sure caught my eye. So I look it up, and its another nice little market... I guess reminiscent of Trader Joe's, minus the quirky. I do like the style of it, really crisp/clean/simple... which is really an ode to its name- fresh and easy. DUH.
The closest one to me is in Fountain Valley. FABULOUS.

Heard about this from KIIS on the way to work. I am definitely interested in checking out this 'up-scale' convenience store, or rather the "premium convenience store". I'm more interested in going here than Fresh&Easy. The nearest one again is in Fountain Valley.

What is in FV that draws these business models? I mean... really?

I'll be sure to explore (eventually), and I'm sure I'll see why.

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ila said...

i lurv famima!!! they have good foodstuffs and a pocky wall...