Monday, August 18, 2008

Domo cake!

With only a few mishaps, a lot of kitchen mess, and 3 minorly burned fingers... I give you:

THE Domo cake

the process:

2 sheet cakes (9x13)
2 loaf cakes
Vanilla Cream Custard
Chocolate Frosting
Cocoa Powder (for the "fuzzy" texture)
Rice Crispy Treats (fresh made for shaping arms)
Fruit Roll-up (Strawberry)
White Chocolate (melted and cut for teeth)
Whoppers (for the eyes)

Notes: Did not come out as good as I wanted. Time was an issue, since I was constantly rushed to a) meet people for dinner and b) meet people for lunch. And quality of detail went into decline once the fingers got burned. So, that disgusting white goop on his bottom teeth was a consequence of that injury. Otherwise, its all about the proportion of the body and appendages, as well as attention to details of the mouth. Easy to make if you take the time to carefully shape the body and make the details nice. After all, he's a RECTANGLE shaped character. What would be easier!


Lina said...

oh my gosh!!! That is sooooooooooo freakin cute! I love it!

ila said...

womang, jeez! that must've been one humongoid cake.