Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday Fun!

This year I went (and am still going) overboard for my birthday. I had a bday trip up to SF, then a bday dinner, and soon a bday pool/bbq party! And in between all that, I had a FABULOUS day at work for my bday. It was fantastical!

So to begin my bday adventures, I visited fr'isco (as seen in the previous post). And I must say, I am a major fan of the Ferry Building. It is a magical place with all sorts of foods! I should have taken more pictures... but oh well, what can you do.

So mainly I went to the Ferry Building to find this cute sweets shop- Miette Patisserie. Since I've been drooling over cake stands, modern/kitschy/cute/vintage, for a while now, I was REALLY tempted to buy one of their cake stands. But that would have been a bad idea given my lack of packing space. So, next time, cake stand... next time.
The cakes and pastries, like the shop front, look so sweet and cute and good! I will be sure to try some next time. I should have timed my meals more appropriately that day.

Other shops in the Ferry building consisted of a chocolate shop, more confections, fresh meats, herbs, mushrooms, a tea house, cheese shop, and all things utterly and totally foodie!

My favorite part of hoteling is ALWAYS the room service... yes, it costs a pretty penny, but when on vacation... do as vacationers do. SPLURGE.

So, we ordered in some edamame (to be "healthy"), a raved about mushroom and pepperoni pizza, fried calamari with a chili oil dipping sauce (which really reminded me of some type of dim-sum), and of course, who can resist getting some chicken nuggets and fries. My favorite was the pizza... I would have enjoyed the calamari more if it wasn't so salty.

The most massive meal I had was at Max's diner...
Chicken Pot Pie that is pretty much made as large as a normal WHOLE pie. Good, but geezus, it was HUGE.

and never one to skip out on Max's Strawberry Shortcake when in season, we had to get a 1/2 slice. YUM.

Back in Orange County, on my actual birthday, my wonderful work peoples took me out to lunch to the Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton. I had "The" Mac n Cheese. But the most eye popping, jaw dropping, was the dessert... i forget the name, but it was a brownie sandwich with cookiedough between the layers, DEEP FRIED, topped with vanilla ice cream. Yummy? yes... A heartstopper? you betcha.

Then, for dinner, a mere 5 hours later (which really isn't enough to digest a meal of seismic proportions from the Slidebar), I had dinner at Cafe Tu Tu Tango at the Block in Orange. Food pics and comments can be found on my most favorite food blogger's page here. It may have been the novelty of the idea that's worn off... but it just wasn't as good this time around. Oh wells, it was spending time with friends that really mattered. :)

Oddly enough, and to my surprise... I didn't eat a CAKE at all on my birthday. I'll make sure to remedy that during my pool/bbq party. Ice cream cake... here I come!

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