Tuesday, July 15, 2008

procrastination gives you 40 cents

So, remember way back when... when I was collecting recipes out of my Real Simple magazines so that I could sell them for a small amount of change?

WELL. change I did get. 40 cents to be exact. 4 issues for 10 cents each = 40 cents total

I lugged literally 3 trader joe paper bags full of magazines to the used book/mag/cd/etc store... aaaaaaaand they only took magazines up to 6 months past, and also had some other scale of magazine selection. So out of all that, they took 4. I guess, I should have sold back earlier like in 2007 when I was still consistently buying the magazine monthly... but nope. Whatevs. (This kind of situation happens to me with Buffalo Exchange too... no one ever wants my stuff. WHY OH WHY.)

On the brightside, I'm "sloughing off the excess to find my center"...

quote from Uptown Girls... gotta love that movie!

... so I feel better now that I don't have that massive amount of magazines in my room. But knowing me, I'll buy something else to take up space. Ridiculous, really.

Anyways, nothing food related. I have a picture of a cream puff from Beard Papa's... but that's really about it. Probably won't be any post with food tomorrow either since I'm dining out! (again...)

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