Wednesday, July 9, 2008

no dishes no fun

As much as I enjoy dining out since that means I don't have dishes to wash (and/or leave sitting in the sink), I still get very sad that I wasn't able to create something in the kitchen to eat. I haven't eaten at home since Sunday (or was it Saturday)... and its very depressing. I don't know what it is exactly, since honestly I don't really enjoy eating my own cooking and i LOATHE the cleanup and I'm not paying tax/tip for service... maybe its the eating/stuffing my face in my PJs on the floor in front of the tv. Perhaps?

Anyways, my next baking adventure is COOKIES! I'm trying to find a cookie dough recipe that is versatile to different additives... mainly specialty flavored chocolates. And since these small small squares of chocolates can't make a whole batch of cookies... I would need to be able to divide the dough to be able to add these several flavors of chocolate. Hmmm... the search continues.

Check these out at 100% Chocolate Cafe!

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