Sunday, July 13, 2008

disneyland noms

My visit to Disneyland included the usual... rides and shows. And of course FOOD! We had frozen lemonade and churros to snack on. Then for dinner we had BBQ skewers of delish chicken and beef in tangy sauces. AND a mickey pretzel with warm jalepeno cheese dip. And to top off the night, we stopped into the candy shop on Main Street with a plethora of candy and confections. After careful and semi-compulsive consideration, we made our purchases of...

Rice Krispy Marshmallow Treat
We've dubbed this "The Brick". Shown above is only 1/3 left of the actual uneaten size. YUMMY.

and of course, we couldn't help ourselves when we saw these...

Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treat w/ chocolate dipped ears,
on a STICK!

Here's some other shots of the display case we drooled all over and pressed our noses against:

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