Wednesday, March 4, 2009

there's chocolate on my pillow...

and I don't care.

Must've gotten there when I was baking brownies and needed a "break".


i got a new cake stand!!!!! SOOOO loving it! TOTALLY cute. Wish it had a matching dome... but I think that would make it less cute.

And, since I haven't baked anything new yet (tomorrow! I promise!)... I'll just model some ingredients.

I had no idea cream cheese came in these awesome cute little packages! There's been a recipe for Strawberry Cream Cookies that calls for "1 package cream cheese (3oz.)" that I've been meaning to make. But didn't understand how 1 package was 3oz... since typically (as far as I knew at the time) 1 package cream cheese = 8oz block. SO GOODIE! I get to make these cookies without opening (and potentially wasting) an 8oz block of cream cheese.

And since I've been planning to make a cheesecake for a while now... I thought I'd do some "research" for my inspiration of a "self-invented" cheesecake recipe - Orange/Chocolate Milanos.

That should be coming up tomorrow... unless work sucks so bad I would rather die.


Joie de vivre said...

You know, when you stay at a fancy hotel they put chocolate on your pillow too! (slightly different, but you're just treating yourself right?) :)

Simply Me said...

haha that ladys post is awesome :)
cute cute looks better in your house then in the store :)