Thursday, February 26, 2009

ohio is for lovers

I successful medicated off another impending headache today. Maybe its from stress?

Anyways, so after a long day at work, then a long class AFTER work... I was in one of those moods to stuff my face and be grumpy.

SO! I went to the nearby Albertson's... picked up a whole rotisserie chicken (Lemon & Basil seasoned)... grabbed a diet coke from the fridge and plopped down in front of my little room tv and proceeded to stuff face.

Yes, I ate off the floor. Right out of the bag. With plastic utensils. (Please excuse the art project in the back. oh and the mess.)

The end.


Simply Me said...

that had to be the saddest post I've seen.... ever!!!
We must fix this!
Wanna come over for dinner tonight?

Simply Me said...

this still cracks me up, weeks later... :)