Monday, September 27, 2010

Love in little packages...

In case I've only slightly alluded to my new job as a baker for a vegan cafe/bakery... yes. It is true. Thus, I am leaving behind the job and company I have been a part of for over three years. Time to follow my dream!

And of course, I'll be missing my co-workers. They all threw me a going away party. A potluck, in fact, which made me tear up. It was nice to see them MAKE food, given that we work for a catering company I would have expected a platter of whatever from our kitchen. So, just to humanize myself a bit for you all... it goes like this: "So, who made all the food?" "We all did. Since you've been making us treats, we wanted to repay the favor!" "*CRY*"

I decided that night to bake up one final treat for everyone... a parting gift.

No new recipe, but the office's fav! Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars - I've made this COUNTLESS of times for them... and always so well received!

Rice Krispy Treat initials to personalize!
the amazing treat!
Slap the two together in a cello bag.

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