Friday, September 24, 2010

Class II Day 3: Butter

Yeah, that's right. Butter. Plenty of butter. (Ok, well not as much that went into croissant/danish/puffpastry.)

Viennesse Tart with Almond Filling and Poached Pears
Blind baked Viennesse tart shell, filled with Frangipane, topped with poached pears
Out of the oven - Done!
I do like almond filling. Poached pear - blah.
What another student did with the pears. Pretty huh? I just couldn't be bothered with slicing pears so PLOP - in they went!  
Next up, Linzer Torte.
No actual torte though.
The teacher demo'd the dough, and made linzer cookies for us to snack on.
Raspberry filled linzer cookies. Delish!
Rich Roll Cookies
Very much a butter cookie. Decorated with royal icing. I should have rolled the dough out thicker.
Bite-sized cookies.
Why I don't do detailed decorations.


Joie de vivre said...

How FUN!!! I would love to take a baking class like this. Your Vietnamese tart with the pears is so pretty. It looks like the perfect dessert to serve for Easter in a Christian household (what with the cross shape on it). Your iced cookies look so appetizing! :)

ila said...

ogodthattart. mmmm.

Reeni said...

I love linzer cookies! And the tart is so pretty with the pears cooked into it!