Friday, September 10, 2010

Class II Day 1: Baguettes and Sourdough

Yay! Class! The short break between sessions just flew by!

And first day back was just like we never left. We dove into preparing danish dough to bake off the following class. (Needless to say, with all the rolling and folding, there was little time to take pictures.)

So, we completed baguettes in class, and took home our prepared sourdough dough to bake the next day in our own kitchens.

Sourdough made from rye starter.
oops. forgot to slash the top.


Reeni said...

Lovely! And did I tell you I love your new look? Especially your new header - sooooo cute!

PBMacaron said...

I'm not sure if you read your comments, but I've started reading your blog recently and I have a question! I'm thinking about taking the New School of Cooking Pro I class during the October session and wanted to know--is it worth it? I'm a pretty avid amateur baker that has gone as far as making choux dough, tart crusts, and cinnamon roll yeast bread but haven't gone into french breads or croissants. Will the class be too easy or did you find you learned a lot?

I hope you're reading this and wouldn't mind letting me know your thoughts in more detail :) My name is Candice and I work in Culver City!

Candice said...
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appropriated.muffin said...

Hi Candice - thanks for visiting! I know it must seem like I don't read comments since I never make response comments... (I'm SOOOO bad at that!) But I do hope that you find your way back here to find the answer to your question! I definitely learned, and currently AM learning, a lot! Of course, it is what YOU yourself take away from the course that determines its values. There is only so much time and so many weeks of classes... but if you don't practice and experiment on your own from there, well then - it might not be worth it. But from the recipes and techniques we learn weekly, and the knowledge from the lecture/demos, I learn a lot - then I reinforce that new knowledge by baking at home. Hope you come back soon! Happy baking!

PBMacaron said...

I definitely agree--baking isn't learned in a couple of days! I just wanted to make sure you actually get hands on experience on making all the different pastry items. I've been reading about other programs that have similar itineraries but students didn't find out until later that they were only allowed to bake one or two items and the others in the class baked the other items. Or, they were left to fend for themselves and didn't come back with very many tips or techniques. Just trying to avoid that :) Unfortunately, I'm wait listed for the upcoming session but hopefully I'll get to take the class soon. In the meantime, I'll continue my experiments at home. This weekend I'm attempting crostatas! I've made a handful of tarts before but am letting myself have some fun with a little abstract free form crust shaping =P