Thursday, May 13, 2010

Class Day 7: Yeast Breads

Never made bread before... always hid from anything involving yeast. But turns out, its not as scary as I thought. And what is this interesting thing about "starters"? I might just have to give that a go at some point in the future!

Rustic White Bread
A classmate's dough (above) - I forgot to take a pic of mine... you can see the difference in the shape (below)
The AMAZING YUMYUM  BREAD! (teacher's loaf shown here)
 Mine, cut @ home

Olive Loaf
(I loved the look of this dough... obviously!) Came out a bit saltier than I would have liked, but delish!

Challah Bread
Took the dough home from class and baked at home. Not very good at the whole braiding thing... streched out the strands longer than I wanted - got this enlongated bread. But still yummy! And smelled so good baking in the oven!


Politics and Pearls said...

I LOVE the last loaf!!

Justin said...

these look great... but starters still scare me