Sunday, April 11, 2010

No-Bake Sunday

Since Sunday has become my only "day off", I've become drastically unproductive when I don't make any plans. Needless to say, I spent all day indoors - most of which was laying in bed.

But I did want to share something I found during break time in class last week:

I flipped thorough this issue and noted a few recipes to try. (I might just subscribe to the mag too.)
Definitely read all 100 in the list... good stuff!!

Photo by Todd Coleman; Taken from

Photo by Andre Baranowski; Taken from


Anonymous said...

what kind of job works 6 days a week??

Bob said...

Holy crap, I've never heard of "slump" before but I want that wicked bad!

sunimpex said...

great post, the picture look enticing and the recipe is worth trying

Mary said...

Jenn the slump and the tomato bread have made me hungry. I hope you enjoyed your day in bed. This is my first visit here and I really like what you've done here. I'll be back often to see what you are cookin' up. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Cinnamon-Girl said...

I have this issue! I need to go back and look through it again. These look yummy.

Michelle said...

Love the Blackberry Slump...what a great name! LOLLOLLOL!