Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day(barf)

OH VALENTINE'S DAY. are you gone YET?
One of my least favorite holidays... some years are marked by crazy drama, some years pass by unnoticed... but damn it, it's still so much fun - with all the baking and the cards and the candy.
And by cards, I mean those fun little kid ones that come in boxes, ready for a "To:" and "From:" and a sticker. That's it. Ok, maybe a candy to go with that.

So while this year, I still hate V-day with a passion... I still needed to do fun kid stuff!

Goodie bags filled with candy, Spongebob cards, Madagascar Penguin cards, Carebears cards, and Hello Kitty cards!

And some ginger matcha scones for some super special people!

I found this post-it on my desk earlier this week...

Wouldn't YOU bake up another batch of scones just for this boy?
(He's 10? I forget.) So sweet!
>>His text back via mom's phone (mom = my coworker):

"Hey Jen tha(n)ks for the scones they are great, they taste like they came from a gourmet breakfast place. Derek"

Props, of course, go to Ila - creator of this well-received treat!

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