Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a quick diversion

So, I'm still on the brownie train... but today, I made the pie pops! At last!
Check out Bakerella and Luxirare for their creations too. (and the better pictures)

I made the dough from scratch from the Basic Pie Pastry recipe from the Willams-Sonoma book I still have on loan. Very easy. And quick.

Oh. And this book is awesome in that it has all the different measurements- cups/oz/grams- for every recipe. Measuring goes a million times faster!
Basic Pie Pastry
1.5C/7.1oz/235g AP flour
1/2tsp Salt
0.5C/4oz/125g Vegetable Shortening
3-4 T cold water, +/- as needed

Combine flour and salt. Add shortening. Combine with 2 knives (which I did) or a pastry blender, until it becomes the consistency of coarse bread crumbs. Then add in water 1 tbsp at a time, stirring gently with the fork after each addition of water. Add just enough water for the dough to come together roughly. Form into a disk with floured hands. Dough is ready to use now! Roll out on floured surface, yadda yadda...

And I still get very frustrated when rolling out dough. So, I knew this would be purely experimental/experiential. I would have made fresh filling, buttttttttt right out of the can seemed better this time around. Sad I know. But whatcha gonna do?

I forgot to brush the first batch with egg whites. The second batch I did, and also sprinkled with sugar. Also, just made some stickless, 'cause I could. I think I should skip on the salt in the recipe since there wasn't enough fruit filling to be sweet enough... I knew I should have rolled the pastry out thinner, but rolling it out as is was hard enough.


Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

YUMMMMMMMMM!! Wish I was there to taste-test!!

Velva said...

Gosh, I wish I could bake!