Monday, August 24, 2009

the olden days...

I feel like it was just yesterday that I wrote about my fun bday gifts...
but here we are again! (Holy crap, that means I've been doing this blog thing for over a year now?!?)

Here's to the birthday Fun-Fun!

Ila did an excellent coverage on the festivities too!

Now, back to baking!
More brownies! (Cupcakes using my new cupcake making kit soon! promise.)

Dark Chocolate Chip Brownies from Evil Shenanigans

Interesting recipe... with honey! So I gave it a try, even though I'm not a honey person.
And wow. I may have overdone it with the honey... you can really smell it baking up, and also just taking a bite. It's also chewy! These came out nice and moist! It wasn't as dark as hers... and I skipped out on the chips. Also didn't have cake flour, so I "subbed" with less AP Flour + Cornstarch. Also didn't have instant espresso. Maybe I'll give this another go when I have all the right ingredients.

Deep Dish Brownies from Hershey's
I used dark cocoa for this. It wasn't sweet at first bite... so I wasn't all that impressed. But its still good! Moist and thick. More often than not my brownies tend to "crater" in the center... as this recipe did. but the previous didn't. At all. Weird.

Upon eating a bite of the "honey brownie" then sneaking a piece of the "Hershey's brownie"... the sweetness came out from the latter. Pretty delish!

Anyways... good practice in baking! Didn't overbake, didn't underbake. Win-win.

'til next time!
Hopefully I'll get around to doing those cute pie pops that have been going around lately!!!


Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

Happy Birthday! The brownies look super moist!

Karine said...

Happy birthday!

Wowow I love your brownies! The honey brownies seem quite original to me. I had never thought to add it instead of granulated sugar. It must give the brownies an interesting and different taste!

Velva said...

OMG! I think those brownies are a cure for whatever may ail you! The brownies look addictive and delicious.