Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost done...

Ok. I swear... only one or two more brownie posts after this!

This particular one from justJenn struck my fancy... peanut butter + chocolate brownie! yes please!!

Melting the chocolate + butter.

Melting together the PB "batter".

Folding the flour into the chocolate mixture.

Poured the PB mix over the brownie mix.

The weird texture that the PB mix bakes up to be.

So as usual, I had a bit of a timing issue. I pulled it out of the oven just in time, maybe just a taaaaad over, but there wasn't a burnt hard crust or anything. I added on an additional 30 min of bake time. Seems like I do that a lot. I did the toothpick test, as well as just watched for the top PB layer to set. It takes a while.

The result was still a super moist and thick and chewy brownie. The peanut butter "topping" is definitely a treat, but I don't think it was peanut buttery enough for some of the people that sampled. But still good!

The tricky part with this recipe too was not cooking the eggs when mixing them into the batter. Tricky tricky business!

Also, I used this:

It is apparently awesome because it's just simply peanut butter. No monosodaieoriehsiuasida or polysaturagestadas... just peanuts and other pronounceable ingredients.

Also, given the heat (again!!!!) and the laziness that comes with having to pack up my apartment... I ordered out and decided to try the pastas from Pizza Hut. Bacon Mac n Cheese, Chicken Alfredo, Breadsticks. Not too shabby a meal. Not phenomenal. But its a nice change from just pizza being delivered to your door.


Velva said...

Another batch of brownies look terrific!

Good luck on the move.

LiLu said...

Is there a better combo than PB and chocolate?