Monday, October 11, 2010

Cooked Frosting

Seems like cooked frosting is as old as dirt... but I've only just recently come across it! It came to me on a piece of scratch paper, the "recipe" hastily and vaguely written in pencil. So with some research and guessing, I composited the Cooked Frosting recipe:

1 C Milk
3Tbsp AP Flour
1/2C Butter
1/2C Crisco
1C Sugar
1/4tsp Vanilla

Cook milk in small saucepan. Slowly add flour. Stir until thick, like pudding. (I only got it to "light sour cream consistency")
 Let milk+flour mixture cool completely.
Once cool, beat with room temperature butter and Crisco. (You could use all butter. I think I might next time.)
 Beat in the sugar and vanilla.
Frosting should be fluffy - beat for a while until you get a good consistency.
Chill before icing.

I'm guessing you can use this as a nice base frosting and flavor as you like! I haven't tried anything though. But I do really like the fluffiness and thickness of it!

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