Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have always been a fan of shaped pastas; It probably stems from those childhood Macaroni and Cheese (in the blue box!) of cartoon character shapes. They just taste different! So good!

I did have an unfortunate run in with "super" macaroni and cheese, seems it was fortified with vitamins and minerals (or whatever) for kids nowadays - needless to say, it tasted like CARDBOARD. I'm glad I grew up before all these "healthy" alternatives started popping up everywhere in kids' foods.

So, since I rarely have non-spoilt milk in the fridge to make macaroni and cheese with, I think I have found a nice alternative.

Rotelle with a little bit of butter and salt.


Splendiferous and things said...

and people wonder why I seriously get the kids mac and cheese at CPK

Alli411 said...

Yum! Seeing that macaroni brings me back to being a kid. I'll put that on my market list. Thanks for the inspiration!