Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hit and miss

Banana bread and I (and the oven) do not seem to get along. At all. FAIL #2.5

I used a smaller loaf pan this time. It was still wet in the center after the initial 40 min. I added another 10. Then another 12. At which point the bread was done, and of course, burnt. Maybeeeee I should have added on only another 5 minutes. or something. And to think, I was excited 20 minutes into baking time that THIS TIME would actually be successful.

My cookies are good though!
Basic Cookie Dough Recipe w/ Add-Ins
adapted from Real Simple

Notes: I let the dough rest for 1.5hrs.
Added in Mini M&Ms, Peanut Butter Halloween Mix M&Ms, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, and Holiday Sprinkles (to test the colors). And a made a couple just plain.
Yummy base.
11-12 min. bake time. Easy peasy. Yields approx. 30-40 cookies.

Oh. And even though this is a crappy picture from my cell phone, and it looks pretty gross to begin with... this is a DELECTABLE PLATE-LICKING DROOL-WORTHY piece of flourless bittersweet chocolate cake. (Too bad I didn't make it.)

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Simply Me said...

wow that looks epic.. where di you eat that??