Thursday, October 23, 2008

big o' breakfast

On days that I am fortunate enough to get breakfast at work... I LOAD UP! Well, today my co-worker set aside a plate for me. So sweet. And plated up better than I would EVER do for myself.

Sliced Grilled Honey Ham w/ Scrambled Eggs and Peppered Hashbrowns
Fresh Fruit and Homemade Breakfast Danishes

And... of course, I drop my only strawberry into the ketchup. Boooo.

Then for dinner, the boy and I tofu'd. (We're on a "health kick"- except it still includes soda and dessert).

I "made" my tofu w/ ponzu sauce, as I've already raved madly about before.

The boy had "marinated" his tofu in balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, dried basil, pepper, and olive oil. Then he blackened it. Not too bad, except I might be more of a tofu purist. Rarely is my tofu so "seasoned". Soy sauce and Thousand Year Old Eggs? HELL YEAH. Ponzu? FOR SURE. Blackened?... maybe.

All in all, relatively healthy eating day. (Minus the 40oz. Coke I got at the local AM/PM, and the several cups of Diet Pepsi I drank at work.)


Sharon said...

I must admit, I don't like thousand year old eggs. I pick them out of my congee and give them to someone else! Hahah

appropriated.muffin said...

>> I've always loved them! It was weird when I was watching "Fear Factor" (or something like that) in college, and the challenge was to eat a TYO Egg, just as it was; the contestants FREAKED OUT! One even said "it tastes like death." HAHA. I hope your reaction isn't as severe... :)

Sharon said...

Hahah, no no, my actions aren't THAT severe! Hahah, I can swallow it, if I just have a lot of congee afterwards.. ooorr those chinese donuts! (is that what they are called in english? lol)

appropriated.muffin said...

>> OH YEAH! haha... love those! And with sweetened hot soy milk. "Chinese donuts" - better than what I think they're roughly translated into as "Oil Stick?". I'm craving some good ol' traditional asian breakfast now!