Thursday, June 26, 2008

patience is a virtue... and then some...

I baked today!
Unfortunately for me and my Friday funtime tomorrow... it was not a success, in my opinion anyways.
(I guess I should have been less lazy on Monday and done a trial run.)

Chef's Powdered Sugar Cake Cookies aka Cool Whip Cookies
1 Box Cake Mix (pick your favorite... I used lemon)
1 8oz. Container Cool Whip (or the generic kind if you want to be cheap. I am, and I did)
Powdered Sugar
1 egg (I've seen this in recipes online... but I opted out. Perhaps that's where the problem lies)

Mix cake mix and THAWED Cool Whip together.
Thawed creamy creamy!!! Not "outside edges look creamy straight home from the grocery store freezer section creamy". Its not a big deal if its only semi-thawed like I used since I started baking right when I got home from the store. But it just makes stirring THAT much harder. SOOO MUCH HARDER. So THAW people THAW!!

Once cake mix and cool whip are thoroughly combined, scoop into small equal sized balls. (I like to call them pudges... like pudgy, but not.) Then roll in powdered sugar.
This was the messy and annoying part. The batter is VERY sticky. I would maybe suggest using a small ice cream scooper, one that will release the pudges without any excessive finger poking or scraping. I have the lame-o cookie scoop that much resembles a tablespoon with the flexible round bottom that "supposedly" allows you to just press and the dough will pop right out. Yeah RIGHT. It didn't work for this... and I do kinda doubt that it'll work for any dough. I've tried freezing the batter a bit, that don't work. The best bet is to keep your hands WET. Some batter will still stick... but not as bad. And if it starts to REALLY stick, time to re-wet your hands! Rolling in powdered sugar is pretty easy... I would have just done a BIG BIG dish... casserole or larger would have worked AWESOME. The small dish I used could only roll 4-5 pudges. The whole going back and forth between sticky batter and dry powdery sugar is time consuming, since I had to go wash off any residual batter before handling the pudges in sugar. PAIN IN THE BUTT! So, boys and girls, keep hands wet when making the pudges... make them all in one go... drop each one into a LARGE dish of powdered sugar... then roll away!

Place each rolled pudge on a parchment lined baking sheet, 1-1/2 inches apart.
These will SPREAD. So no cramming the last one or two between rows. That will not do... at least not if you care about presentation.

Bake at 350 for approx. 20min. Don't forget to pre-heat... DUH.
I don't know the exact time since I experimented with different intervals.
10-13 min = CHEWY (maybe undone) cookies
18-20 min = Probably the "right" range... I didn't break these apart to check though, since I was running low on presentable cookies.
20-22 min = NOPE. The cookies come out over-done and crispy.
(Not a fan of that blue baking thingymajig... I used parchment on the other pan. CLEAN UP IS SOOO MUCH FASTER. Just crumple and toss!

I'll post reviews after my guinea pigs have tasted. Oh, and they taste FINE to me. Just that the right amount of doneness needs to be addressed... we all eat raw cookie dough anyways, don't we?

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