Friday, June 20, 2008

Kettlecooked Chips & Ganache

My wonderfully healthy dinner this evening began with a strawberry shortcake cup leftover from work on Wednesday, followed by 2 slices of sausage and mushroom pizza (they got my order wrong!!) from Monday, then concluded with kettle chips and ganache. I guess I would have to admit that I'm disgusting and not only eat OLD food, but also WEIRD combinations of the old food.

It really just started with an innocent little nibble of ganache that's been sitting in the fridge since last week. THEN I wanted something to counteract the chocolatey richness... hence the chips. and BINGO! Chips + Ganache = PERFECTO

Can't be just any potato chip though, it needs to be Kettle Cooked. Lay's for example are too flimsy/thin. I usually use Lay's chips to mix in with my chocolate pudding (Another really good combination by the way). Actually, Lay's + Chocolate Pudding would be analogous to Kettle Cooked Chips + Ganache. Awesome. My tastes are more 'sophisticated' now.

Lesson learned: use fresh ganache that's still dippable. chips + spreadable (but firm) ganache = too slow a pace for inhaling this contrasting goodness.

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