Friday, June 20, 2008

First Official Blog

I feel like it takes FOREVER to setup any type of online dealio... layouts to choose, colors to pick, images to upload... if only I was a quick decision maker and didn't over think every little thing. I do wish I had some pictures to upload. Poor little bloggy will seem as bleak as a winter day (I wish it was winter RIGHT NOW). And I'm particularly bad about photographing anything. So hopefully, next time I make a TV cake for my boss, I'll remember to grab that damned camera.

Next baking day: tentatively Monday 6-23-2008
Chef's Powdered Cake Cookies

In the meantime, my latest (and passively on-going) endeavor is collecting recipes from ALL (and I mean 2-3 years worth) my back issues of Real Simple. Then, I'll "sell back" all hundred-million copies of this fantabulous magazine, and spend the few bucks I get back on a new star tip, or put that towards a gorgeous vintage cake stand. No need to get ahead of myself though, that transaction will be MONTHS off at the rate I'm going.

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