Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hot Day Dessert

HOT HOT day today... thank goodness for A/C and cold desserts. I went to Phoenix Restaurant for dinner and of course had to have DESSERT!!

Almond Jello w/ Mini Cube-lettes of Watermelon and Honey Dew and Coconut Milk
SO good... even better since it was complementary.
The coconut milk (I think) added a sweetness and creaminess that was just right.
And the fresh fruit bits with that slight crunch of watermelon was a nice contrast to the gelatin consistency of the jello.

And since one dessert is never enough...

Soy Tofu with Tapioca and Mango (and sweet milk?)
YUM! The tapioca texture and the smooth tofu... so fun! Not too sweet, and refreshing with the fresh mango pieces.

I love pudding desserts... but if I make it myself, I just never finish the batch and it all ends up going to waste. Sometimes less is more. The individual portions were PERFECT. Gotta love the easy clean up too with disposable bowls.

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