Sunday, November 28, 2010

time to spend money!

December is going to be shopping time! And I'm doing good so far in not going crazy and buying everything and anything penguiny for myself. Not to say I haven't been tempted. Here are some awesome shops/bakeries/crafters/etc that I've come across in going to the Queen Bee Market - Handmade Arts and Craft Show and Patchwork - Indie Arts and Crafts Festival recently.

I've shared some finds in the past in going to other shows/festivals/or something else:
Happy Tape
Sweet and Saucy Shop

But here are more awesome things to check out!
Sweet! Baking & Candy Making Supplies

I recently bought some baggies and boxes. Can't wait to get them and do some packaging!

The Twinery
Need some cute baker's/crafter's twine? Lots of colors to choose from!

My Sticky Designs - custom vinyl letting & graphics for your home
This could be an awesome gift this season! For someone else... or yourself!

I actually found this one design at Target (oh Target), but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So perhaps, one day I will ask her to create one to my specifications.

Shortnin Bread Bakery

I picked up a Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie, and a hand decorated Snowflake sugar cookie. I probably should have taken a picture before I inhaled... oops. Hindsight. Both we YUMMY!! Check out the bakery for more treats and cakes!

Something totally new... to me anyways. Fancy toffees/brittles!
Pop Candy Co. - Butter Crunch Treats

I sampled the P.O.P mix, the No-Nut P.O.P and the Rosemary Almond. Mmmmm! All the different flavors totally came out in the sweet and savory. Especially the herbed flavor. Check out their site to to check out the other flavors and to order some! Great gifts that'll keep well too!

Meringue Bake Shop - Custom Cupcakes

I wanted to try a Push Cake... but alas, sold out! Must have been so good!!

 Also, check out her blog!

Really awesome notepads, cards, calendars and lists... NICE.

The Paisley Mill (etsy shop)


Really cute wooden key chains, pins, earrings... I bought a key chain and pin as gifts!

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