Sunday, December 13, 2009

the annual family holiday party

My urban family often gets together regularly for food shenanigans... usually going out for a meal together. But always around the holidays, we try and do something more "cozy" and "homespun". This year was no different... while I have little photographic proof of our fun times this time around... we all still had a blast.

We (the girls), of course, made TONS of food.
Homemade guac, reindeer cookies, braised ribs, yummy greens(I forgot what it was), mashed potatoes, bacon fudge, seafood crostini thing , prosciutto-feta pinwheels , peanut butter kiss cookies, "crack goldfishes", marshmallow crispy brownie bites, bacon wrapped lil' smokies, eggnog!

Very rarely do I get a chance to make much party food... so I have had this recipe bookmarked FOREVER. It's really simple and quick. And gives me a reason to bust out the crock pot.


Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ said...

YUM!!!! The bacon smokies look great! And did you say bacon fudge? Love it.

ila said...

those bacon smokies were epic. hiroki ate them all for breakfast!