Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two "mental breakdowns" later... I'm back.

I always feel so guilty after being away for so long from blogging... even more so when I can't post anything NEW. As much as I'm sure we're all tired of friggin' brownies... I can't help but finish off this (really) long run with one final recipe.

SO, YAY. A new recipe! (BUT its brownies again.)
Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars from Brown Eyed Baker
Round 1:
I initially was just making a previous classic brownie recipe... but I had all the ingredients ready for me to try out this new recipe! So, I halved the ingredients for the chocolate-PB-krispies marshmallow topping to top just an 8in pan.
Note to self - use parchment paper ALLLL around the pan. It was a poop to dig out a square to taste.
Round 2:
Since the "trial" version came out well, I tried again following the recipe, from brownie to top... in a 13x9 pan. More to share!
This recipe struck me a bit different as I was used to - adding the sugar to the melted chocolate mixture THEN adding in the eggs. Not sugar to the eggs and then adding in the chocolate. Not that that made a difference in the baking... (except I forgot about the un-even heating in my oven.) So, after baking for approx 30 minutes, dumping on the marshmallows, then slathering on the chocolate mixture... ta-da!

Needless to say, chocolate + PB + rice krispies = AMAZING!
I LOVE the way marshmallows softly poof up when heated... like clouds you just want to lay in ALLLLLL DAYYYYY LOOOONG. (mmmm marshmallows) So, I left the marshmallow border to cushion the deliciousness of the chocolate topping. It looks a bit holiday-y maybe?

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Michelle {Brown Eyed Baker} said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed these, aren't they fabulous?! I have made them 3 times since finding the recipe, always to the delight of those eating them. They've been dubbed "magical"!