Friday, June 5, 2009

Delayed to no end

Weeks feel like forever, but they still fly by like nothing.

I haven't even posted about my farmer's market trip, and it's already going to be here again!!!!
Just to blitz through it all (and since I don't have much else to post baking-wise)... here it is:

Italian Butter Rum Mini Bundt by Dolce Monachelli's:


The other version of pluots, but not aprium.

Curried Potato Foccaccia Pocket from Blackmarket Bakery

Berries! Blue, Straw, Rasp... thus completing my hobo bowl.

Delicious hummus! (First time I think I've really had hummus!)

Homemade Cannoli - with chocolate chips in the middle!

Since then, I've learned how to make my own puff pastry... and use said puff pastry to make peach and blackberry turnovers with almond paste, and then also made a Raspberry Tart with Creme Fraiche Wild Flower Honey Filling. (I forgot my camera.... LAME!!)


Reeni♥ said...

Everything looks good-especially the cannoli, mmm!! My faves!

Anna said...

I miss the farmer's market! Haven't been in forever and it's right down the street, *sigh*

But, to comment, I loveeee pluots! And the curried potato foccaccia is yummy! I need to try blackmarket's sweet yummies. I've heard so many good things around them. The hummus is sooo ridiculously good. All of them! I used to think hummus was sort of eh, but the hummus stand changed my ways of thinking.