Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i'm dying

when i start to feel unwell... and there is no "obvious" reason for it... i start to worry about randomly dying and realize i need to give my nearest and dearest emergency contacts for any unfortunate events.

so, with that, i have been having MAJOR bad headaches these past two days (IN A ROW!). It starts off as a niggle at work... and I'm too busy to take tylenol until I get home, which by then it is a total full blow HELMET of pain.

did i cook any dinner? no. did i do any baking? no.

I did instant! Yay for instant - add water, heat and stir foods.

and Spahetti O's with Meatballs

I have a couple blocks of cream cheese sitting in the fridge... so I hope to be making some cheesecake (or something) soon!


Simply Me said...

the true secret to feeling better is having anything kid like. that's REAL comfort food.
For instance, I had chicken with stars last night to cure my belly ache. :)
Im sorry your head is going- POUND POUND POUND- that's mean of it. Tell it to get well for Saturday! :)

ila said...

oye, honey, i know how it feels. lately i've been popping excedrines like tic tacs.
you should come over for dinner one of these days! i'll make you curry!