Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Turkey Gobble Gobble

So, I realized I should have taken pictures of the Thanksgiving feast. But I didn't. Damn.
The fam usually gets a Marie Callender's Take Home Feast with the typical stuff:
Turkey (whole or breast), Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Yams, Veggies, Corn Bread, Creanberry, Pie.

This year we got only a few of the sides (stuffing, yams, salad, corn bread, potatoes) and had a glorious Chinese-style Whole Turkey.
Mom was explaining the whole prep process her friend taught her, but honestly, I was already inhaling all the sides off my plate while she was carving said turkey to pay any attention. It went something along the lines of a salt soak and soy sauce rub, then salt and peppering. And a massive amount of green onions and ginger stuffed into the cavity for flavor. The "chinese" stuffing was purple glutinous rice. Very yummy indeed. We used a Turkey Oven bag to cook the sucker, and it came out very nice and juicy. The bag stuck a little to the turkey, so I guess we should have floured the bird a bit before baking.

As typical trips home go, I came back with a pile of random stuff. Bars of soap, a ziplock full of candy bars, herbal vitamins mom force feeds me... but the holy grail of this trip was...

I've searched far and wide (ok, 1 store) for this, but either 1- its not carried there or 2-this is old and therefore not carried anywhere anymore.
But yay, I'm excited to make these! (20 eggs in a batch... so buddies beware (again). Eggs coming at 'cha!)

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