Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Banoffee/Banoffi Pie a la Paula Deen

So, remember the Banoffee Pie I had back in Scotland? Well... seemed so quick and easy to make, but it has taken me forever to get around to trying it!

And so when an opportunity presents itself i.e. the urban family holiday party, I decide to give it a go.
I think that Banoffee Pie is a very semi-homemade kind of pie; you can kind of just slap all the ingredients together and there you go!
But the recipe I decided to follow (more or less) was Paula Deen's Banoffee Pie:

Here's my step by step "tutorial" (I use that term loosely, of course):
Step 1: Make the toffee. I made per Paula Deen's recipe. But maybe I should have just tried the "boiling can" method that's so talked about online. Not sure if I got the consistency of the toffee right either...
Step 2: Pour (half of) toffee into pie crust. So, I bought a ready made pie crust. Don't judge. Again, not sure if the toffee consistency was right. Might have been too runny - does it need to be cooked longer? Or is that as good as it gets?
Step 3: Slice bananers. Top with bananers.
Step 4: Top with (rest of) toffee. In hindsight, regardless of runny toffee or not, probably should have just left the filling at the bananers. This second layer of toffee was just toooo much - doesn't it just LOOK like too much already? Eek.

Step 5: Make fresh whipped cream and slather on pie. YUMMMY!

I didn't cut into the pie right away since it was obvious the "soupy" toffee was coming out from the sides. I put it in the fridge overnight in hopes that it would get firmer... but alas,
Don't get me wrong, it was delish! (Minus some of that extra toffee).
Next time, I'll do MORE whipped cream (can't go wrong with extra fresh whipped cream), LESS toffee - and BETTER toffee.

And maybe I should try the "original" recipe from which the Banoffi Pie originated.

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Reeni said...

I have wanted to make this for the longest time! I made muffins once with these flavors - so yummy! Happy New Year! xoxo