Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gruyere Gougeres

Gougeres are savory cream puff things... without the cream. just the puff.
I added gruyere to mine, with a bit of dijon mustard and pepper. (couldn't taste much of the dijon).

I made the pate a choux as I have before... just added in shredded gruyere in the same amount of butter (8oz.)

And this time around... I had the trusty kitchenaid! I could mix hands-free!
Adding the eggs was easy peasy!

Instead of piping the puffs, I just used an ice cream scoop. What can I say - I'm lazy.
And it worked out pretty well too!

The final product:

They got done a lot faster on the bottom... so most were "burnt"-ish. But not too badly. I personally think it adds some flavor. Haha.