Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Homemade Samoas

One of my many favorite girl scout cookies... Samoas!

Recipe from Baking Bites: Homemade Samoas

THIS IS AN AWESOME RECIPE!! Everything went off without a hitch.

Instead of using the microwave I used stove top for the caramel and the chocolate.
When warming the caramel-coconut mixture on the stove top, the longer it sits the darker and tougher the caramel will get.
I should have made larger center holes... or omitted them completely since I ended up covering it with the topping.
I should have piped thicker drizzles of chocolate.
My minor personal issues were with melting chocolate (of course), and dumping in all 3 cups of coconut into the caramel at once (which probably led to the not quite so spreadable topping). Next time, mix caramel & toasted coconut until just coated and spreadable on cookies.

And to finish the "egg" project:
ta-da! After an overnight stay in the slow cooker, these tea eggs are ready to be consumed!

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Simply Me said...

your cookies were awesome and those eggs are so cool!!