Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (p2)!

Oh Valentine's Day... you have come and gone once again. Your obnoxiously commercialized pinks and reds and hearts each year continue to nauseate me every time I walk into a store. Too bad I still end up buying into all of it...

and this year I actually CELEBRATED IT! With a boy! ♥
A homemade dinner of teriyaki salmon, brown rice and steamed asparagus, followed by our attempted dessert of individual molten chocolate cakes.

Based off the recipe I found from America's Test Kitchen. I thought it would be perfect for Valentine's since it was portioned exactly for 2!

After folding the beaten egg mixture with the melted chocolate mixture, my hopes (like the batter) deflated. So that was obviously the major problem.
It was still edible... but no molten chocolate center either. Hmmm. Must have baked too long. Sad face.