Monday, August 2, 2010

The cupcake challenge...

Finally, back to blogging! I hate being so busy that I don't even get my time to bake and blog! But while I still have a lot of things up in the air right now, I at least completed the cupcakes for the competition for the Cupcake Cake OC this past weekend! These cupcakes were damned hard work... primarily because of having to bake... hungover in the morning... after my birthday.

But alas, I never (ok, rarely) give up. In fact, both Ila and I were suffering hangovers, and decided to just drop off our cupcakes and bone out of there before the event even started. It was a good cause, and we supported it.

It was pretty cool though to see blogs/vendors that I follow... in real life! I felt that it would have been very "groupie" of me to say - OMG I READ YOUR BLOG! So I refrained. Check out the donors & friends page.

Here are the few pics I snagged that short time we were there. Post on actual cupcakes to follow!

Ila's Ginger Sesame Carrot Cupcake

My Strawberry Cupcake with Basil Cream & Pink Peppercorn Meringue

We both entered into the "Unique/Exotic Flavor or Ingredient" category.

Here are some followup reads on Cupcake Camp OC!

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ila said...

you'd think that i'd be anti cupcake right about now, but this is making me hungry.